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Fathers Rights: Reasons to combat a biased legal system

The issue of a father�s rights is a very important issue during child support and child custody cases. The way the court system is structured in the United States today, there is a generally clear bias favoring the maternal side in cases dealing with children and child support. Ideally, child support should always put the child�s interests at the forefront. However, this isn�t always the case, as many times children are simply put into their mother�s custody despite her inability or unwillingness to care for them.

A father has a right to contest any and all child custody and support cases; and it is generally in his best issues to do so. Typically, there are several areas of concern in regards to the rights of a father in child support cases that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

First and foremost, father�s typically have to pay far more �child support� than what is truly necessary for the child. While it is a child and a responsibility, as long as the father can provide the basics for a child, the support obligation is technically met. Now what constitutes �the basics�? Well, every child needs to have adequate clothing, food, and shelter. A father should also be providing money for school, health care expenses, and various other necessities that are required for the child to maintain an adequate standard of living. What a father shouldn�t be paying for, and often times is, is for living expenses of the mother.

Often child support payments seem to be excessive and the extra income is spent by the mother on things other than the child or used as a basis for her to support herself and not work. This is unacceptable and is definitely a grounds for a father to challenge his child support payment amount and get a judgment to [http://www.childsupportsaver.com]reduce his child support payment

In addition to child support payments, child custody is also another issue that concerns a father and the rights he has to a child. Again, the court system will typically award custody to a mother almost by default. The father has to fight a biased legal system in order to gain access to his children even for joint custody or visits; let along trying to obtain full custody.

There is also another issue regarding paternity. It is estimated that up 20% of fathers are paying support for children that aren�t their offspring. Learning about paternity issues and how to challenge paternity in court is a major step that allows a father to combat high child support payments.

So what can be done to help establish and ensure the rights of fathers to their children? Well, a good lawyer and an thorough understanding of the laws involved on a national and state level is a good start. Free consultations with lawyers make perfect sense, followed by obtaining various information that could lead to reducing your child support payment or fighting for joint custody of your children.

Article Source: Ezine Articles Expert Marc Goeke or Fathers Rights and Reasons to Combat a Biased Legal System


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