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Texas Attorney General and Child Support Laws

Texas Attorney General

Child Support can be enforced through the office of the Texas Attorney General. Any parent who wants to provide support for their children may do so through this office. The Texas Attorney General office will provide services to the custodial parents such as: locating a missing parent, establishing legal paternity, enforcing child support payments, and modifying child support payments every three years.

These services are provided to all parents who apply for assistance. If you are a single parent who is currently receiving assistance from the state or federal government, you are automatically eligible to receive these child support services. The Texas Attorney General office will not hold the custodial parents responsible for any expenses for services.

When changing a court order for child support, it can only be modified through the court system in Texas. A review can be done every three years at the request of either parent or if one of the parents income raises or falls. For example, a raise in pay at work or a loss of a job.

Enforcing Child Support

There are several methods the Texas Attorney General office can use in order to enforce child support payments. These methods are used in order to make the non-custodial parents pay their obligations. Interception of income tax refund checks, and the automatic deduction of the child support payments from the non-custodial parents pay checks are just a few enforcements that the Texas Attorney General office will use in order to receive timely payments.

Child support laws have to be enforce in order for the child/children to receive support assistance for the non-custodial parent. The Texas Attorney General office is there to ensure that all court order child support will be enforced.

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